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Market intelligence Portal  (Search Data Views)


Development Process 

 Market Intelligences  Process Website Portal,Will be develop In PHP Core, Java Ajex, And Application in s Flatter Android And IOS application and admin portal Application. 

 For Servers  Support 

  Fire wall 

 D.Dos Protection 

 24/7 Monitor 

 Security Updates

  SSL Certificate(Install & Maintain  Server maintains 

 Application Updating on every version (Latest) Admin Dashboard For Manage reports 

 Analytics, Report 

 Report of browsers 

 Operating system 

Admin Dashboard For Manage reports 

 Analytics, Report  Report of browsers  Operating system  Orders today  Orders this month  Total products  Total Categories  Total pages  Total images  People contacted  Total FACTS


 Orders/Billing  Create Invoice  Search Bills  Search Orders  Customers Details  Bill Details  Paid  Print  Edit  Delete  Admin Note

Leads / Appointments For admin Management. 

 Advance search  Search by date  Filter by dates  Filter by admins  Add new  Missed leads  Today’s leads  Upcoming leads  New leads  Follow ups  On hold  Not connected  Not answering  Completed  Fake  Lost  Manage  Delete


Update Profile Welcome Email & SMS Oder Confirmation Email & SMS Order details >List Enquiry >List Reviews >Change password Register with Mobile Verification > OTP Register With Email ID Forgot Password by email & SMS

Website Home Page

Listing  Search > Mega Menu Slide Banner >New Categories Listing > Deal of Day Listing >Best Deals Listing > Top Listing>  Featured Listing Custom Banners or Blocks in Home page Add to Cart


 Search  Filter Search  Filter Category  Quantity  Add listing  Upload Multiple Images  Select Category  Listing Service  

Manage Category 

 Add New Category  Parent Category  Show in Shop Page  Category Details  Category Images  Edit Category  Delete Category 

Change Password 

 Current Password  New Password  Confirm New Password 

Manage Gallery 

 Category  Title  Description  Choose Image

Payment Gateway Integration  Or Rozerpay 

 Instamojo Private API Key  Instamojo Private Auth Token  Instamojo Private Salt  Instamojo Client ID  Instamojo Client Secret

Order Page

Delivery Reports >Payment Option Online Make payment / place order. Filter The data By Date Wise.

> After Subscribe Filter Wise Report Through Excel / Pdf Download,

> If The lead is Irrelevant Customer should have Option To click Drop down button and select the words, 

> Sms Has to receive for admin and back end for managing staff   For irrelevant lead.

> Subscriber should be get alert once new information is added by back end team based on there category profile.

Hosting Details For 1 year  VPS Or Dedicated Server 

Connect to your Domain Website Space - Unlimited Unlimited Bandwidth Emails Space - Unlimited Unlimited Email IDs Unlimited Pages Unlimited FAQ's User Reviews Monetised 

For Testing Tool It will be on live Modula which we have spoken over call and written in document so before lunching we will testing will be done from both the side

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